Michelle McGrath's Yellamundie

In the Dharug language, yellamundie means ‘storyteller’.

This collection of stories from 30 of Sydney’s Indigenous people will bring all Australians closer to the truth about the impact that colonisation has had on our First Nations people and how that impact continues today.

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Jezarah - Bundjalung Tribe

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Yellamundie is for all Australians, and while many of the stories contain sad elements, they are reflections of a beautiful culture that is still strong today, told in the words of the contributors, the co-authors. It is their truth.

This is a place to hear the stories of many different people from different places and who have walked different journeys.




Michelle McGrath

Michelle is an Irish–Australian who works in Aboriginal education. For a long time she has wanted young Australians to learn the truth about our past, so that they may understand our First Nations people and the pain they still feel today.

If you would like Michelle to speak at your school or corporate event please reach out.

Michelle can be contacted on +61 411 790 672 or michelle@yellamundie.com.au

Michelle McGrath
"If you don’t know much about Aboriginal culture, just come and ask us. And please don’t call us names."
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